Carrie Moran

Two ideas I grabbed from the sky

Who wouldn't spend at least a split second
aching for presence writ larger than longing
I am terrible with tenses
mixed up present state
past circled back to the same neighborhood
not everything is about someone or something
sometimes it’s a coalesced feeling
my brain fast & cartwheeling
hearing sounds with my feet up
ripping harsh letters down
logic buried in the channels
answers I can’t possibly provide
I am on this ride & it is wild
it is spinning corkscrewing rattling around
I am thrilled in all the places
where I lose sight of the ground
look around for gravitational memory
her sweet pull a deceptive kiss
glass is made from sand coalesced
clarity bred from compression
heat breathing down her neck
you will love this feeling
that first rain of the season
suddenly matching your face
pressed against a pane
the distant ocean falls
hard as swords for hearts
there’s what we’re doing
and how to explain it
words feel dangerous & 
I can’t remember how to be afraid




i’ll never grasp how
our trajectories connect
always my feet are solid
shifted as the sky burns
hot pink heart
set slowly spinning
tonight you preen
it’s not just me
giving new hues
i want to steal you
show you off
caught up in you & hushed
i promise i tried
you know how lenses lie
even with all my strength and focus and zooming
tonight you’re mine
alone & you're blooming
all my budded tears

mission keepsake: roots nonstop

let’s stay part of
day’s embrace
i relive faith

magic route
holding truth
from momentum

gather ancestors & 
honor how your
ocean traveled

home & holding the
bite i imagine
to be sun


Changing seasons

I never knew haze

Til I couldn't find

Your hills and peaks

I've seen them baby

How they climb

Reach that part

I try to hide

But you've seen

My throat stretched

Landing strip for

Your hungry lips

And I know how

You move your

Fingertips stiff

Then soft and

Stoking embers

That never died

Where are you

This sun drenched

Early morning

And are you

Dreaming of me