How to survive moving

To the opposing coast
where the sun sets on water
you can see from hillsides
time isn't the time you know
familiar is a word written in code
a chorus of this is what you chose
dark thoughts sneaking up on
quiet streets with no lights
oozing in with morning fog
pray for the sun to embrace you
figure out swimming in low tide
perch on a sea smashed flat rock
look for art in every passing face
make friends with weary afternoons
pretend that sleep comes dreamless
bake something that smells like mom
yell when your cries need to break
remember who you left in your wake
take a chance to cash in on support
let go of whatever couldn't fit
read a book that makes you sit still
learn everything you can about home
you are there and you're making it
one colorful stone piled at a time
it's hard to find shells on these beaches
seaweed clings ghostly to appendages
tickles primal fear in a corner of your mind
persistently expose yourself to doubts
feel the urge to flee and wait it out
remember you are an unknown quantity
qualities can slip away or grow large
be in charge of what you grasp
it will be okay one day if you just relax